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Quantitative Developer


ID : 4527704

About Trailstone

Trailstone is a global energy and technology company, operating at the intersection of renewable and conventional power. We trade energy in global markets, and we provide a best-in-class service to manage the inherent intermittency of renewable power generation across the short, medium and long term.

As an energy trader, we buy and sell electricity and gas which is physically delivered on the grids, and we leverage our physical market knowledge to trade financial commodities.

As a provider of renewable energy management services, we take on the complexity of managing renewable power across different countries so that our customers can focus on their core mission of investment and growth. Trailstone offers an efficient, fully automated front-to-back renewable power management platform underpinned by our long-standing market experience, proprietary technology, data analytics and meteorology.

About the role

Trailstone is looking for a Quantitative Developer to join the Front Office. You will be a key member of a multi-disciplinary team of originators, quantitative and fundamental analysts, traders and meteorologists engaged in power and gas trading, traditional wholesale structured transactions and the expansion of our renewable asset management business.  You will collaborate with Trailstone’s Technology team to enable quantitative researchers and front office analysts to effectively use proprietary internal technologies.

As a Quantitative Developer, you will:

  • Design, build, and deploy platforms and tools enabling algorithmic trading and quantitative research at scale
  • Alongside quantitative researchers, Technology, and commercial teams, identify and address bottlenecks and tool priorities to accelerate R&D
  • Envision, implement and promote testing and deployment frameworks that maximize trading model uptime
  • Anticipate, detect and respond to data or model anomalies
  • Demonstrate software best practices among quantitative research staff and support the continuity and maintainability of multi-stakeholder repositories
  • Develop and disseminate shared tools and libraries aligned with the firm’s technology roadmap 
  • Synthesize computer science fundamentals and business context to optimize critical tools and processes

Essential qualifications:

  • Experience designing and building software tools supporting one or more of the following: quantitative analysis, financial trading, machine learning and/or artificial intelligence pipelines, numerical or optimization methods for complex engineering or physical systems.
  • Expert python proficiency, including developer tools and common libraries for data science (e.g., pandas, numpy, etc.)
  • SQL proficiency
  • Degree in a quantitative field (e.g. Computer Science, Software Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics) or relevant working experience

Advantageous qualifications:

  • Advanced degree in a quantitative field
  • Working knowledge of core concepts and methods in some of the following domains: statistics, machine learning, optimization, quantitative finance, or artificial intelligence
  • Experience using python packages for optimization, predictive modeling, or reinforcement learning
  • Advanced SQL proficiency and familiarity with noSQL data storage solutions
  • Experience with AWS or other cloud technologies
  • Knowledge of distributed computing fundamentals and solutions, including HPC frameworks and cluster computing
  • Experience in a quantitative trading business or commodities business
  • Experience with other scientific and mathematical programming languages, especially Julia

We’re different, and we like it that way! 

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Differences in backgrounds, identities and experiences lead to differing views of the world.  Different world views lead to healthy differences in opinions. Different opinions are essential to creating a robust marketplace of ideas. And it is our ideas that will make Trailstone a market leader in energy innovation and disruption!

By our commitment to a diverse and inclusive workforce, Trailstone is creating value for our employees, our investors, and our communities.

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