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Jan 31. 2024


Trailstone is committed to increasing global renewable energy adoption, and is pleased to be joining the RECS Energy Certificate Association (RECS), a pan-European partnership, in support of this mission.

RECS is an international, impact-driven non-profit association consisting of more than 200 clean technology companies across 20+ countries. The organization plays a key role in facilitating transparency and traceability in renewable energy generation by supporting the growth of Energy Attribute Certificate (EAC) markets. EAC markets enable end consumers such as corporates and utilities to certify that their power purchases come from verified sources of renewable energy and incentivize further renewable energy development.

Trailstone began offering Guarantees of Origin (GOs), the most common EAC in Europe, in 2023. We are proud to support further development of EAC markets, which are rapidly emerging as a critical tool in the transition away from fossil fuels. As a member of RECS, Trailstone will offer critical expertise to a greater number of EAC market stakeholders, backed by our cutting-edge insights and deep knowledge of European energy markets.

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