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Dec 20. 2021


Press Release

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Trailstone, a global energy and technology company, announced today that it is now offering renewable energy risk management and asset optimization services to asset owners and managers in the ERCOT market. Trailstone has offered these services to European asset owners since 2013, and ERCOT is the first U.S. market where they are offering their services. Trailstone’s proprietary optimization platform uses robust weather models, data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to better predict renewable energy supply and optimize returns for asset owners.

The platform is designed to increase the market participation and profitability of renewable energy assets with intermittent generation, lowering barriers to entry for renewable asset developers. At the grid level, the enhanced price discovery provided by Trailstone’s platform improves market efficiency and decreases price volatility, which translates into lower prices for consumers. Trailstone uses detailed weather forecasting and fundamental analysis, overlaid with sophisticated AI tools, to characterize and act on system-wide and node-specific supply and demand risk signals. Trailstone’s active management capabilities and its own balance sheet are leveraged for the benefit of its customers via profit and risk sharing arrangements that help to ensure the continued supply of reliable clean energy to the ERCOT grid.

“Trailstone’s mission is on a mission to make sustainable energy sustainable,” said Trailstone CEO John Redpath. “We’ve been on the front lines of the renewable energy transition in Europe for nearly a decade and are excited to bring our expertise and technology to the ERCOT market to help asset owners and grid operators in Texas adapt to and benefit from the shift away from fossil fuels.”

Trailstone’s entrance into the ERCOT market is a testament to the continued maturation of clean energy markets in the U.S. The share of U.S. energy supplied by renewable assets is expected to rapidly increase over the next decade to meet climate pledges from major corporations and the Biden administration’s target for 100 percent carbon pollution free electricity by 2035. Trailstone plans to begin offering their services in other U.S. energy markets in the coming months.

About Trailstone

Trailstone is a global renewable energy trading and asset management firm that provides risk management and energy optimization to improve production and financial returns. The company offers a fully automated end-to-end renewable power management platform, backed by a successful track record in energy trading. Trailstone’s proprietary technology leverages data analytics and meteorology to offer robust modeling, forecasting and trading capabilities to its clients. Trailstone was founded in April 2013. To date, Trailstone has helped optimize more than 15,000 MW of renewable energy assets and operates in 15 countries. Learn more at

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