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Aug 16. 2023

Press Release

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Trailstone Renewables, GmbH (“Trailstone”) and e.optimum AG (“e.optimum”) today announced the signing of a master framework agreement for the delivery of renewable guarantees of origin (GOs) in Europe. The parties have already agreed the first delivery of GOs from Trailstone to e.optimum under this framework agreement for calendar year 2023 and plan to conclude more transactions in the future. With the delivery of renewable GOs, Trailstone Renewables is helping e.optimum achieve global sustainability goals by offering its 40,000 commercial and industrial customers verified sustainable power tariffs.

Boris Käser, Board Director at e.optimum said: "Protecting the environment and using resources responsibly are of great importance to us. Because of this, we focus on sustainable, environmentally friendly and future-oriented products. We are pleased to offer our customers the opportunity to actively participate in climate protection with this partnership."

Ante Pogacic, Global Head of Power & Renewables at Trailstone said: “e.optimum is a valuable new GO corporate customer to us. We look forward to developing a long-term partnership with e.optimum and are proud to be using our expertise to support their green power product portfolio.”

GOs are tradable commodities that represent the environmental benefits of renewable energy generation. By tracking and verifying the source of electricity generation, GOs provide greater transparency in European power markets, allowing utilities and corporates to verify progress towards clean energy goals and incentivizing the development of renewable energy. GOs are the newest addition to Trailstone’s suite of offerings that support the development of renewable energy by reducing risk and optimising renewable energy production.

About Trailstone:

Trailstone is a global renewable energy trading and asset management firm that provides risk management and energy optimization to improve production and financial returns for asset owners. The company offers a fully automated end-to-end renewable power management platform, backed by a successful track record in energy trading. Trailstone’s proprietary technology leverages data analytics and meteorology to offer robust modelling, forecasting and trading capabilities to its clients. Trailstone was founded in 2013 and in 2022 it expanded its renewable energy solutions platform to provide services to corporate and industrial customers. To date, Trailstone has helped optimise more than 18,000 MWs of renewable energy assets and operates in 16 countries. Learn more at

About e.optimum:

Since 2010, as Germany's largest independent energy purchasing group based in Offenburg in southern Baden, e.optimum has been a reliable partner for companies in all matters relating to electricity and natural gas supply.

Already today, e.optimum serves around 40,000 commercial and industrial customers nationwide with more than 4.8 billion kilowatt hours of electricity and natural gas annually. e.optimum’s product portfolio is supplemented by intelligent measuring systems, photovoltaic solutions and cost-optimizing advice (e.g. optimization of grid usage fees).

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