TrailStone was founded in 2013 with investment from Riverstone, an asset management firm that invests in the private markets primarily within energy, power and infrastructure. TrailStone leverages its knowledge and experience of global energy commodities to participate in major markets across Europe and North America through its wholly-owned affiliated companies:

As a global energy merchant, it buys and sells physically-delivered commodities in the wholesale markets.

As a proprietary trader, it leverages its knowledge of physical market structures and data analysis to trade financially-settled commodities.

As an investor, it relies on industry expertise and access to its private equity-backed capital base to invest in and develop strategic commodity assets.

As a manager of electricity generating assets, TrailStone provides owners and operators with experienced, incentive-based asset optimization services including scheduling, logistics and marketing reports, risk analysis and physical off-take arrangements. TrailStone has built a success business in managing renewable power assets in Europe and is expanding its capabilities to the US markets.

As an innovator, TrailStone has consistently focused on opportunities surrounding energy market disruption. As the deployment of large-scale renewable energy assets across power grids is accelerating, TrailStone is well positioned to take advantage of this trend to help asset owners increase profitability.