Sep 1. 2023

Trailstone and Marubeni Power Retail Corporation Sign Balancing Services Agreement for Japanese Solar Assets

Agreement is Trailstone’s first announced deal in Japan as the company rapidly expands its Japanese operations to help renewable energy asset owners navigate changing market rules and meet robust environmental goals.

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Sep 1. 2023


Trailstone合同会社(以下、「Trailstone」)は、丸紅新電力株式会社(以下、「丸紅新電力」)と、太陽光発電資産に関するバランシング・サービス契約(以下、「本契約」)を締結したことをお知らせいたします。 本契約はTrailstoneが丸紅新電力の運用する太陽光発電の前日電力供給予測を提供するとともに、当該予測値と実績値の差分として生じるインバランスコストを管理することで、丸紅新電力が抱えることとなるインバランスリスクの抑制に貢献するものです。

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Trailstone e.optimum blog graphic

Aug 16. 2023

Trailstone Renewables and e.optimum Sign First GO Deal

BERLIN August, 16 2023 — Trailstone Renewables, GmbH (“Trailstone”) and e.optimum AG (“e.optimum”) today announced the signing of a master framework agreement for the delivery of renewable guarantees of origin (GOs) in Europe. The parties have already agreed the first delivery of GOs from Trailstone to e.optimum under this framework agreement for calendar year 2023 and plan to conclude more transactions in the future.

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Jul 11. 2023

Trailstone Welcomes 56 New Joiners in H1 2023

It’s hard to believe we’re already halfway through 2023 and that over the past two quarters, we’ve welcomed so many incredible new hires from across the globe to join our team. A warm welcome to you all!

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Jun 28. 2023

Trailstone Now Providing Trading Services on JEPX

Trailstone is proud to announce that we are now registered to provide trading services on the Japan Electric Power Exchange (JEPX). Trailstone expanded our services to the Japanese market last fall, and recently appointed Takuya Kamisago, General Manager of Commercial, and Ichiro “Nick” Nakayama, General Manager of Japan, as the heads of our Tokyo office, located at 2-4-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku NS Building 23F, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-0823 Japan.

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May 23. 2023

Trailstone Welcomes Energy Industry Veterans to Lead Japanese Operations

TOKYO--Trailstone Group (“Trailstone”), a global energy and technology company, announced today that it has welcomed Takuya Kamisago, General Manager, Commercial, and Ichiro “Nick” Nakayama, General Manager, Japan, to develop Trailstone’s business infrastructure and originate new business opportunities in the market.

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May 9. 2023

Trailstone and Glennmont Partners Sign Route to Market PPA for 84 MW Wind Portfolio in Italy

BERLIN May 9, 2023 — Trailstone Group (“Trailstone”), a global energy and technology company, announced today that it has signed a route to market Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Glennmont Partners from Nuveen (“Glennmont”), one of the world’s largest renewable energy investment managers, for 84 MW of wind capacity in Italy.

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Apr 18. 2023

Employee Spotlight: Linn Solheim

Our stellar team is what makes Trailstone a special place to work, and we want you to meet the crew committed to making sustainable energy sustainable. For our Employee Spotlight series, we’re highlighting a range of team members throughout the organization to take an inside look at their current roles, passions and take a walk down the roads that led them to where they are today.

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Mar 6. 2023

Employee Spotlight: Carolynn Mayhew

At Trailstone we’re different, and we like it that way! We bring together team members with diverse perspectives to keep us moving forward in our shared mission of making sustainable energy sustainable. For our Employee Spotlight series we’re interviewing members of the team from throughout the organization about their current work and career path to take an inside look at the role everyone plays.

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Dec 21. 2022

Trailstone Welcomes 37 New Joiners in Q4 2022

With Q4 coming to an end and 2023 in sight, we’re happy to have the following professionals join us. We’re proud that our global team is growing expeditiously with incredible talent. Each person is passionate about accelerating the transition to a renewable energy future and making their mark at Trailstone.

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Dec 7. 2022

Trailstone Secures €365M Uncommitted Revolving Credit Facility, Increasing Financing to Grow European Renewable Asset Management Business

Trailstone Group (“Trailstone”) is pleased to announce the successful signing of its €365,000,000 multicurrency secured uncommitted revolving credit facility (“Facility”) to support the growth of Trailstone’s market-leading renewable asset management business in Europe.

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Nov 8. 2022

Trailstone Enters Japanese Power Market

Tokyo, Japan, November 8, 2022 — Trailstone Group, a global energy and technology company, announced today that it has established its first office in Asia and begun trading Japanese power futures on the European Energy Exchange (EEX). Trailstone can now offer renewable energy risk management and asset optimization services across Japan and deploy a suite of renewable energy products including route to market Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), imbalance risk management services and corporate PPA products.

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TrailstoneMeteoswift blog graphic.png

Oct 26. 2022

Trailstone acquires meteo*swift to strengthen AI and forecasting capabilities

London, UK, October 25, 2022 — Trailstone, a global energy and technology company, announced today that it has acquired meteo*swift, a leading renewable power forecasting company. meteo*swift’s award-winning team of experts will join Trailstone to help accelerate the development of Trailstone’s AI and machine learning capabilities to better predict renewable power production and market conditions.

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TrailstoneMeteoswift blog graphic.png

Oct 26. 2022

Trailstone erwirbt meteo*swift zur Stärkung der KI- und Prognosefähigkeiten

London, Großbritannien, 26. Oktober 2022 - Trailstone, ein global agierendes Energie- und Technologieunternehmen, gab heute die Übernahme von meteo*swift bekannt, einem führenden Anbieter von Wetter- und Erzeugungsprognosen für erneuerbare Energien. Das preisgekrönte Expertenteam von meteo*swift wird von Trailstone integriert, um die Entwicklung von Trailstone's KI- und Machine Learning-Fähigkeiten zu beschleunigen, und damit die Erzeugung erneuerbarer Energien und die Marktbedingungen besser vorhersagen zu können.

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TrailstoneMeteoswift blog graphic.png

Oct 26. 2022

Trailstone acquiert la société française meteo*swift pour renforcer son expertise d’IA et de prévision

Londres, Royaume-Uni, le 26 octobre 2022 — Trailstone, entreprise américaine internationale d'énergie et de technologies, annonce l'acquisition de meteo*swift, l'une des principales sociétés françaises de prévision de production d’énergies renouvelables. L'équipe d'experts de meteo*swift rejoint Trailstone pour y accélérer le développement de son expertise en Intelligence Artificielle (IA) et de machine learning (ML) au service de la prévision de production d'énergies renouvelables, à l’écoute des conditions du marché.

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Oct 3. 2022

Trailstone Welcomes 26 New Joiners in Q3 2022

Now that Q3 has come to a close, we’re looking forward to ending 2022 stronger than ever with a growing team of top-tier talent joining us from around the world.

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Sep 6. 2022

Trailstone Welcomes Caroline Walker as CPO

Today we’re delighted to announce that Caroline Walker has joined Trailstone as our first Chief People Officer (CPO). Trailstone is on the cusp of an incredibly exciting phase of expansion and Caroline will have a pivotal role in taking the company to its next level of growth.

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Jul 13. 2022

Trailstone Enters 5 New Markets & Other Highlights from the First Half of 2022

The global clean energy industry has seen enormous growth over the past year as record amounts of public and private capital have poured into renewable energy development. I

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trailstone ida announcement.jpeg

Jul 5. 2022

Trailstone Expands into Ireland with New Office in Sligo

We are proud to announce that Trailstone’s newest office location will be in Sligo, Ireland, an up-and-coming tech hub conveniently located near rugged coastline and historical landmarks. The expansion into this new location will create up to 20 new jobs over the next 3 years.

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Jul 1. 2022

30 Professionals Join Trailstone in Q2 2022

Over the past quarter, Trailstone has been hard at work sourcing top-tier talent across our global offices in the U.S., U.K. and E.U. We are happy to continue growing our teams to meet increasing demands for clean energy asset optimisation.

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247 CFE graphic.jpeg

Jun 21. 2022

Trailstone Joins 24/7 Carbon-free Energy Compact

We are proud to announce that Trailstone has joined the 24/7 Carbon-free Energy Compact, a global initiative to accelerate the transition to a carbon-free electricity sector created in partnership with Sustainable Energy for All and UN Energy.

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Appolinary Kalashnikowa

Jun 16. 2022

Trailstone Expands U.S. Presence with 1.4 GW of Renewables Under Management

Trailstone is proud to announce that we are now managing over 1 GW of renewable energy assets in the U.S. With the recent addition of two solar farms in Texas, having a combined capacity of ~440 MW, we now have a total U.S portfolio of 1.4 GW. Our portfolio in the U.S. is evenly split between wind and solar with plans to add battery storage assets soon.

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ESG Report 2021

May 24. 2022

Our 2021 ESG Report

Download the Trailstone ESG Report 2021

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Balanced rocks

May 23. 2022

Building a Sustainable Future: Starting with Our Employees

At Trailstone, we believe that our team feeling happy and fulfilled, both at and outside of work, is vitally important to our overall success.

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white windmill on a hill

Apr 21. 2022

Where We Are and Where We’re Headed in Our Mission of Making Sustainable Energy Sustainable

At Trailstone, we celebrate Earth Day today, and every day, by making the transition to sustainable energy sustainable.

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Trailstone Giving Back

Mar 29. 2022

Making a difference globally and at home: Charities we are proud to support in 2022

Though our 160 person team spans eight time zones and four offices, we are united by the shared goal of making the world a better place.

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Mar 29. 2022

New Faces at Trailstone in Q1 2022

Trailstone started 2022 off strong by recruiting 10 professionals from various disciplines to join our team across the company’s global offices in North America and Europe.

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TrailstoneING blog graphic.png

Feb 1. 2022

Trailstone Secures €175M Multicurrency Credit Facility to Finance Growing Renewables Asset Management Business

Trailstone Group is pleased to announce the signing of a €175,000,000 multicurrency secured uncommitted revolving credit facility to finance the expansion of its market-leading renewable asset management business. The facility, which launched at €150,000,000 to refinance Trailstone’s existing credit facility, was significantly oversubscribed, indicating strong support from its global bank group.

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Wind Turbine - 1

Jan 11. 2022

The German Renewables Enigma that Stumped TSOs

A common misconception proliferates today that adding more renewables to an energy system hikes up balancing costs due to an increasing amount of intermittent generation.

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ERCOT Logo_v2

Dec 20. 2021

Trailstone Now Offering Renewable Energy Trading and Risk Management to ERCOT Asset Owners

Platform optimizes renewable energy supply and revenues with robust modelling, forecasting, and trading capabilities, backed by data analytics and meteorology.

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Power Grid

Dec 9. 2021

Study supports need for real-time activation signals in German power markets

As renewable asset management and trading technologies continue to flood the market, it’s imperative that energy markets continue to provide an even playing field for all players.

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Solar panels

Dec 1. 2021

Trailstone Joins North American Energy Markets Association

On December 1 Trailstone officially became a Market Member of the North American Energy Markets Association (NAEMA).

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