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Providing tech-enabled risk management and asset optimization solutions for renewable assets across Europe, Japan and the United States.

Our expertise and advanced proprietary technology help customers capture value in wholesale power markets and facilitate the growth of renewable power generation.

We solve the inherent issue of intermittency; we provide ancillary services to grids, and we manage flexible power generation.

We are the partner of choice for utilities, municipalities, aggregators, large project developers, asset owners and investors.

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Natural gas is an important fuel in the transition from conventional to sustainable energy.

Until other solutions become commercially viable and scalable, natural gas has a role to play in providing the flexibility needed to manage the supply intermittency of renewable power generation.

In North America, Trailstone utilizes its physical natural gas trading, storage, transportation and supply capabilities to serve its customers' growing optimization and risk management needs.

Trailstone makes strategic investments and forms partnerships that align with its mission to help make sustainable energy sustainable.

We invest in early-stage and growth-stage energy companies seeking to build future-oriented businesses based on new and innovative technologies.

We take a pragmatic, founder-friendly approach which is based on our own experience in starting and growing Trailstone.

In addition to capital, we offer access to our team's deep market knowledge and expertise, and our network which includes leading organisations and industry experts.

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