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Chief Risk Officer


ID : 4472639

About Trailstone

Trailstone is a global energy and technology company, operating at the intersection of renewable and conventional power. We trade energy in global markets, and we provide a best-in-class service to manage the inherent intermittency of renewable power generation across the short, medium and long term.

As an energy trader, we buy and sell electricity and gas which is physically delivered on the grids, and we leverage our physical market knowledge to trade financial commodities.

As a provider of renewable energy management services, we take on the complexity of managing renewable power across different countries so that our customers can focus on their core mission of investment and growth. Trailstone offers an efficient, fully automated front-to-back renewable power management platform underpinned by our long-standing market experience, proprietary technology, data analytics and meteorology.


Role Profile

We are looking for a Chief Risk Officer to join us in our Austin, TX office! This is a very exciting time to join a growing and global business. This role provides you with the opportunity to lead an established, high-performing team on an international scale. We are looking for someone who has previous experience leading a risk function and has an in-depth knowledge of the energy and commodities sector.



  • Overseeing the day-to-day operational and market risk management on an international scale.
  • Asset management and trading operations oversight to the firm’s systems and controls.
  • Developing risk management policies and procedures and ensuring compliance to them.
  • Ensuring data used by the firm to assess risks are fit for purpose in terms of quality, quantity, and breadth.
  • Oversight of risk analysis and training.
  • Analyze and report on risk trends and key elements of regulation that may impact business strategy, trading, and operations.
  • Develop risk inventory and risk register and ensure risk related models and methodologies are appropriate, reviewed, robust, efficient, and validated on a periodic basis.
  • Perform market and liquidity stress testing and assessment of trading strategies and complex trading models.
  • Communication of all risk related exposures to the Board and maintain proactive communication with key stakeholders.
  • Ensure accuracy and completeness of risk reports, their submission, and reporting exceptions in reports.
  • Working with senior management, commercial leads, and traders to identify and understand key risks, anticipate emerging risks, establishing appropriate limits and risk/reward metrics.
  • Anticipate potential limit breaches and discuss mitigating actions such as prospective hedges.
  • Keeping abreast of macro-economic developments and their impact on commodity prices, volatility, and market depth to develop timely ad hoc forward-looking scenarios against key risks.
  • Performing in-depth analysis of existing portfolio risk, trading strategies, origination deals, counterparty risk, logistics systems, operations, and control processes.
  • Performing quantitative and qualitative validation of pricing models for choices and assumptions made, reliability of inputs and calibration, and determination of model error sensitivities.



  • Proven experience leading a Risk function within an energy, power, or commodities firm.
  • Background in a quantitative discipline such as Engineering, Science, Mathematics, etc.
  • Good understanding of commodity and energy trading, preferably from a trading background or working as a desk quant.
  • Strong knowledge of risk topics VaR, Scenario Analysis, Counterparty Exposure, Market Liquidity, etc.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication and presentation skills.
  • Familiarity with at least one of the following programming tools: Python, R, or MatLAB.
  • Ability to remain calm under pressure.


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