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Global Manager, Software Engineering



Berlin or London Office | On-Site Working | Full-Time Role 


About the Role 

We are looking for a Global Manager, Software Engineering to join our growing Technology team, based either in our Berlin or London office. This person will be responsible for the evolution of our software strategy towards the frontier, incorporating modern practices. Your work will be mostly centered around a customer portal product and effort to launch into an energy direct marketing business. You will be responsible for growing and leading a team with a diverse skillset, while also being directly involved in the development and maintenance of our system components. 

This will be a full-time role, owning the following responsibilities: 

  • Design, develop and maintain system components for our customer portal product and energy direct marketing business.
  • Lead large-scale projects that integrate our data and machine learning applications into the customer portal product and energy direct marketing business.
  • Act as a player/coach leading a team of software and data engineers as well as providing thought leadership and leading best practice solutions for the team.
  • Take lead in driving a culture of high quality, innovation, and incremental experimentation.
  • Advocate flexible and scalable methodologies that can be applied to a broad set of problems across the technology organization.
  • Provide strong thought leadership and set processes that lead to good implementation architecture.


About You 

At Trailstone, we believe in a “player-coach” mentality within our leadership team. So we are looking for a hands-on leader who can contribute to code in a meaningful way while also leading a team of software and data engineers. The ideal candidate will be passionate about software engineering and can provide thought leadership to the team. This person must have strong, hands-on technical expertise in a variety of technologies including Python, SQL Server, AWS Aurora, Docker as well as the proven ability to fashion robust, scalable solutions for our clients. In addition, we are looking for somebody with the following: 

Essential Requirements: 

  • Significant experience working in formal engineering environments and deep experience working on and leading and designing software architecture for large-scale data projects.
  • Significant team management experience.
  • Extensive working knowledge of Python microservice development.
  • Expert level knowledge of SQL, including performance tuning for very large datasets (VLDBs).
  • Deep understanding about technical debt in data systems.
  • Extensive experience in designing and implementing large scale data projects from basic requirements.
  • Extensive experience in maintaining key data systems over long periods of time.
  • BS or MS degree in Computer Science, Math, Statistics or a related technical field.

Technical Skills to set yourself apart: 

  • FastAPI, Pandas, Redis, AWS Fargate, Docker, S3, RabbitMQ, AWS Athena, SQL Server.
  • Extensive knowledge of SQL and Python (especially FastAPI).
  • Ability to dive into Salesforce code.
  • Ideally, you will have domain knowledge in the energy sector.


About Trailstone 

Trailstone is a global energy and technology company, operating at the intersection of renewable and conventional power. We trade energy in global markets, and we provide a best-in-class service to manage the inherent intermittency of renewable power generation across the short, medium and long term. 

As an energy trader, we buy and sell electricity and gas which is physically delivered on the grids, and we leverage our physical market knowledge to trade financial commodities. 

As a provider of renewable energy management services, we take on the complexity of managing renewable power across different countries so that our customers can focus on their core mission of investment and growth. Trailstone offers an efficient, fully automated front-to-back renewable power management platform underpinned by our long-standing market experience, proprietary technology, data analytics and meteorology. 


We’re different, and we like it that way!  

Here at Trailstone, we value our differences. In fact, our success depends upon them. 

Differences in backgrounds, identities and experiences lead to differing views of the world. Different world views lead to healthy differences in opinions. Different opinions are essential to creating a robust marketplace of ideas. And it is our ideas that will make Trailstone a market leader in energy innovation and disruption! 

By our commitment to a diverse and inclusive workforce, Trailstone is creating value for our employees, our investors, and our communities. 

So regardless of your gender, race, ethnicity, orientation, physical limitations, how you identify, how you pray, who you love, where you went to school, who you consider family, or how old you are… you can belong here!