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Jun 16. 2022

Appolinary Kalashnikowa

Trailstone is proud to announce that we are now managing over 1 GW of renewable energy assets in the U.S. With the recent addition of two solar farms in Texas, having a combined capacity of ~440 MW, we now have a total U.S portfolio of 1.4 GW. Our portfolio in the U.S. is evenly split between wind and solar with plans to add battery storage assets soon.

Trailstone is now active in ERCOT, SPP, MISO and CAISO and available to provide risk management and asset optimization services to renewable energy asset owners and managers, to facilitate increased market participation and profitability of renewable energy assets. In order to better predict renewable energy supply and optimize returns for asset owners, our platform is equipped with robust weather forecasting models paired with expert data analytics and analysis driven by Artificial Intelligence. Our platform improves market efficiency, decreases price volatility risk, and enhances price discovery, thus maximizing renewable energy supply and encouraging the further buildout of renewable energy generation. Trailstone’s strong modeling and forecasting capabilities are built upon years of experience trading in clean energy markets and are enhanced by our agility and flexibility to successfully navigate an increasingly complex energy landscape.

“Clean energy markets in the U.S. are maturing and growing at rapid speeds,” said Trailstone CEO John Redpath. “We’re proud to offer unparalleled support to asset owners in the U.S., and are glad to see increasing numbers of asset owners recognize the value of Trailstone’s proprietary technology and full service offering to both take on risk and optimize the performance of renewable assets.”

The U.S. market is primed for a surge of renewable energy growth over the coming decade due to national climate goals to reach 100 percent carbon pollution free electricity by 2035. Energy is at the heart of tackling the climate crisis with power generation responsible for a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions. Our team is committed to solving the problem of renewable intermittency to decarbonize the grid and we look forward to continuing the expansion of our U.S. portfolio.