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Mar 12. 2024


Trailstone is a leader in renewable energy risk management and asset optimization and is honored to be recognized in Riverstone’s 2023 ESG Report for its work to reduce carbon emissions by managing and de-risking the complexities of intermittent renewable generation at scale.From the report:

By enabling renewable asset owners to earn higher and more consistent revenues, margins and return on investment, Trailstone is helping to facilitate the growth of renewable power generation and reduction in global carbon emissions.

While renewable power generation helps the global economy decarbonize, 1 MW of solar generation offsets approximately 190 metric tons of CO2 per year. The electricity production from renewables is highly intermittent and difficult to forecast, which exposes the asset owner to a significant amount of uncertainty.

Riverstone, one of the world’s largest energy and power-focused private equity and investments firms, annually honors the work of its portfolio companies in the sustainability sector. The report is a testament to the robust ESG principles that guide their responsible investing practices as well as Trailstone’s commitment to making the transition to sustainable energy a reality.

Trailstone is pleased to be featured alongside other trailblazing companies such as Enviva, Ascent Resources, and Pattern Energy.

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