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May 23. 2023

Press Release


Takuya Kamisago and Ichiro Nakayama to grow renewable energy risk management and asset optimization services across Japan

TOKYO--Trailstone Group (“Trailstone”), a global energy and technology company, announced today that it has welcomed Takuya Kamisago, General Manager, Commercial, and Ichiro “Nick” Nakayama, General Manager, Japan, to develop Trailstone’s business infrastructure and originate new business opportunities in the market.

Kamisago brings over 25 years of experience in international business development with Sumitomo and Itochu, two of the largest Japanese trading and investment firms. He is an expert in M&A, new investment, infrastructure project management and new business incubation in the global energy industry. Most recently, Kamisago led Sumitomo’s energy, environment and green hydrogen businesses as a general manager, gaining experience in both domestic and international business settings.

“Japanese power markets and renewable energy generators can benefit greatly from Trailstone’s extensive experience in Europe and the United States,” said Kamisago. “My focus will be on building strong relationships with potential partners and clients. It's pleasing to see that Trailstone has already been welcomed into the Japanese energy industry with open arms.”

After beginning his career as an interest rate derivative and hedge fund trader, Nakayama supported the deregulation of the Japanese retail power sector by working with the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and electric power companies to develop new standards for the Japan Electric Power Exchange (JEPX). In addition to his experience in Japanese power markets, Nakayama has held a number of financial investment roles at leading firms and has experience managing investment funds in Tokyo, Singapore and Dubai.

“My focus is building a strong business foundation so that Trailstone’s Japanese clients trust that they will receive the same level of support and expertise that has contributed to Trailstone’s success across the globe,” said Nakayama. “It is a great pleasure to be representing Trailstone in Japan and I look forward to working with our partners and supporting Japan’s renewable energy generators for the long-haul.”

Trailstone entered the Japanese market in November 2022, by establishing an office in Tokyo and completing its first trade of Japanese power futures on the European Energy Exchange (EEX). Trailstone offers renewable energy risk management and asset optimization services across Japan with a suite of renewable energy products including route to market Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), imbalance risk management services and corporate PPA products. The office, located at 2-4-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku NS Building 23F, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-0823 Japan, is the company’s ninth office and first in Asia.

“Japan’s power markets are in a transitional stage and following a similar path to Europe, where Trailstone has had major success managing intermittency and providing asset optimization services for over a decade,” said Ante Pogacic, Global Head of Power & Renewables at Trailstone. “Our experience navigating the evolution of these markets sets us up to support partners and clients by managing their renewable assets while accelerating the growth of Japan’s renewable generation.”